Gift of a Més de Vi experience

In Restaurant Més de Vi we offer you the possibility of surprising your friends and family by gifting the experience that best suits the percipient. Next, you will find how to make a gift and how to use it.


Choose a food option


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Buyer and fortunate data


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Fortunate data

How do you want to receive the gift voucher?


Payement method

- To formalize the payment, make an income specifying Check gift with the name of the beneficiary and the buyer”. Bank account Banc Sabadell ES34 0081 0565 1000 0146 5752


- Once the voucher is received, the beneficiary will have to call or send an email to Restaurante Més de Vi to formalize the reservation.
- For the security of the buyer and the beneficiary, at the moment of formalizing the reservation, personal data will be requested.
- These gift vouchers have a one-year expiration, but we understand that contingencies may always arise. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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